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McGuire Transportation Driving Positions


We have local hourly paid positions. These are based out of Dallas and Temple and involve local deliveries. 

Texas Only

Texas Only Drivers do just as the title says... They pickup and deliver all around Texas. Most Texas Only drivers get home at someone almost every day. 


Regional Drivers typically make deliveries in Texas and about 10 other states. Regional Drivers are typically home once or twice a week. 

Call Recruiting today and see which position best fits your lifestyle!

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Note: After completing Step 1, you will need to return to this page to complete step 2.

Complete the online McGuire Driver Application


Online Driver Application, Acknowledgement & Authorization

Documents regarding McGuire Transportation's Disclosure into your background investigation and rights. There are 5 documents you will need to sign. You will need to have your previous employers information for the previous 3 years when you get to Document 3. Otherwise they are sign, date and continue. If you have had more than 8 employers over the last 3 years then you will need to print and upload these documents which you can do from the McGuire Transportation Home page

After you have signed and completed the documents then you will begin the Application. 

Once you begin then you can not close the browser and resume again. You would have to start the entire process over again. You should previous addresses for the last 3 years, previous employment history, addresses and phone numbers. You will also need any citation and accident dates as well. 

If you have began the McGuire Online Driver Application process and want to resume or edit.

If you have began the  Online McGuire Driver Application and only need to edit or complete it then you can resume or edit here.

Whats Next?

After you have completed all the McGuire Drivers Application and Acknowledgement Forms above, the McGuire Transportation Safety Department will begin processing your information.  This could take anywhere from a few hours to few days depending on how many and how fast your previous employers get us the information we need to pre-qualify you. Once that is done, someone will contact you to set up a formal interview, driving test and prehire drug/alcohol test. If you havent heard from someone within 2 business days, you should call recruiting at (254) 791-1003.

If you have any documents that you feel may strenthen your position as a future McGuire Driver then upload them and send them to us.