The late W. L. (Buck) McGuire (pictured below left) founded McGuire Trucking Company in 1955 as a truck leasing company to service a single customer for local deliveries. Recognizing the potential of truck leasing during the early 1970's, McGuire Trucking Company began operations with other manufacturers, at the local level and surrounding states, furnishing and maintaining trucks and trailers at their facility. McGuire Trucking still operates today, leasing truck-tractors, storage trailers, and over the road trailers.


W. L. (Buck) McGuire pictured right with a 1950's Cheverlet truck. This was one of the first trucks ever in the fleet

When Texas deregulated the trucking industry in the early 1980's and the number of independent truckers on the road to began to rise, truck leasing began to decline and the necessity to change was evident. With an abundance of available shop space and 30 years of experience in Fleet Maintenance, the decision was made to open the maintenance and fueling facilities in Belton, TX to the general public.  


In 1989, McGuire Transportation, a wholly owned subsidiary of McGuire Trucking, was formed. Operating as a Contract Carrier, McGuire Transportation began servicing the continental United States with a focus on the Southwestern Region. Utilizing all 53' and 57’ dry van trailers, McGuire Transportation, now based out of Temple, TX, specializes in servicing Texas with daily availability  in all major Texas cities plus Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Illinois and more.

McGuire Transportation exceeds industry standards in safety and performance. All drivers must complete an intensive pre-hire orientation and training session and must attend quarterly safety meetings. Each shipment is tracked via satellite and every truck utilizes on-board computers insuring that the on time delivery percentage remains consistently above industry standards. These extra measures allow McGuire Transportation’s customers to know their shipment will arrive safe and on time.

Soon after McGuire Transportation began operations, Professional Logistics, Inc, a full service truck brokerage, was formed to offer shippers a variety of equipment options and ensure that they still receive the same high standard of service that they have come to expect from McGuire Transportation.

1981 Internation Cabover that was one of the first dual rear axle trucks in the fleet.

2010 Freightliner being added to the Fleet in December 2010

(Below) One of several 2013 Volvos recently added to the fleet on its first dispatch.

(Below) A new 1995 Kenworth prepares for its first dispatch to Denver, CO.
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